I want you to shape your garden | Vienna/A
I want you to shape your garden.
I will deliver to you impulses and desires, but through your conscience and subconscious actions the garden will be employed and molded.
It is a mirror of your actions, your paths, your attitude.

If I give you a fence, will you break through or leap over it, or choose the long way around?
If I give you a hedge, will you look for a hole to reach the other side, a tunnel which grows with each departure and arrival, until a gate evolves to bid you a good journey or welcome you home?
What if a common dandelion blossoms, solitary before you? Will you remove its presence from your sight, or pluck it to blow its seeds against the wind until a brilliant yellow field grows at your feet?
Will you sit on the rough rock as many times as it needs until it becomes a smooth bed of stone, offering you an ever-inviting place?
How long are you able to lie on the grass without the sun leaving his sign on your skin, and how long would you have to lie down so you shape the ground beneath you?
Will you touch every possible point of your ground, if I give you the chance?
Are you able to collect as many stones as you need, every one of them meaningful to you, to pave your way through the garden?

Put a tree at the far end of your garden. Collect stones, as big as one of your fists. Every single one with a meaning or history - personal to you. Pave a path in the direction of the tree, and by the time you arrive, it will provide the shade you need.

Exhibition "Gentian and Laurel" (10 Years of Landscape Design)
with special thanks to Rahb Ayers